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Corn: This is not usually done in Texas, but corn can be harvested at higher than usual moisture contents and then artificially dried. A quick drying reduces mycotoxin accumulation that could occur in the field as the corn is drying. For example, harvest corn at 24% kernel moisture, then it dry down to 15% within 24 hours.

Peanut: Use inverting diggers to keep pods off the soil surface and hasten drying. Leave in windrow just long enough to get correct moisture level for combining. Dry immediately following harvesting. Dry pods if moisture is above 9%, using forced air.

Sorghum: Caution is required when harvesting mixed maturity grain. The average moisture may be 15-17%, but higher levels (e.g. >20%) can exist in pockets. These higher levels of moisture can support post-harvest mycotoxin accumulation unless the grain is further dried.