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Reclaim involves removing grain from the storage bin. Reclaiming grain from bulk storage varies according to the bin structure. Concrete or steel silos with a height over double the bin diameter discharges from the bin in a uniform flow until the grain depth in the bin is approximately twice the bin diameter, at which time the grain is discharged in a funnel flow. Grain elevator with this type of storage structure draw grain from multiple silo during reclaim.

BMP: Measure the mycotoxin (characterize) content from each bin and do not blend grain from bins that are above the action level with those below the action level.

Steel bins where the storage structure height is less the two times the diameter of the bin typically experience funnel flow. Grain blending occurs during the reclaim process.

BMP: Characterize the level of mycotoxin in the bin either during receiving or reclaim using sampling and testing procedures identified in the BMPs. Test the first load during reclaim and, based on results, composite samples from shipping units (e.g. trucks) for monitoring. Table 1 describes sampling frequency and action based on the level of aflatoxin present in the grain.